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Cal Highlight Reel

Watch Cal score against UC Davis A in the first place game at the 2014 Sierra Pacific division championship tournament.

Nationals Fundraising Campaign

April 11, 2014

For the second year in a row, the UC Berkeley women's water polo club team has qualified for the collegiate club national championships. Currently ranked fourth in the country, we have a very good shot at winning a national title this year, but we need your help!

We are completely self-funded, which means each student member has had to pay upwards of $600 this year in fees in order to cover pool time, tournament fees, league fees, etc., and this amount does not even include tournament travel or hotel expenses! The out of pocket costs for airplane tickets, rental cars, hotels, and food are beginning to add up.

With the National Championships in Geneva, Ohio this year we are looking at a $500 plane ticket with an additional $200 or so to cover hotels, food, and rental cars, per person. We can't even afford to subsidize our coaches travel costs.

We are looking to raise at the very least $500, but have a goal of raising $2000 to help us subsidize the coaches costs and hopefully cover hotel, transportation and food costs for everyone!

You can donate directly on this UC Berkeley secure website and will receive a letter of recognition from the university of your donation. Anything you donate will be tax-deductible. If you are able to give even $5, please consider helping us. Every little bit helps us get closer to our dream of winning a National Championship.

2014 Schedule and Results

Overall: 16 - 5 CWPA: 15 - 3 Sierra Pacific: 11 - 3
Date Opponent Location Time Result
Sat, Jan 25 Oakland Masters Novato, CA 12:15pm W, 7-4
Sat, Jan 25 Stanford A Novato, CA 2:05pm L, 4-8
UC Davis Invitational
Sat, Feb 08 UC Davis B Davis, CA 12:00pm W, 15-1
Sat, Feb 08 American River College Davis, CA 3:00pm W, 8-5
Sun, Feb 09 Cal Poly SLO Davis, CA 10:00am W, 8-6
Sun, Feb 09 University of Central Florida Davis, CA 1:00pm W, 10-7
Sierra Pacific Division Tournament #1
Sat, Feb 22 UC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA 11:50am W, 15-6
Sat, Feb 22 Fresno State University Santa Cruz, CA 3:20pm W, 13-5
Sun, Feb 23 St. Mary's College' Santa Cruz, CA 11:50am W, 12-2
Sun, Feb 23 Cal State Univeristy Chico Santa Cruz, CA 3:20pm W, 17-3
Sierra Pacific Division Tournament #2
Sat, Mar 08 UC Davis A Santa Cruz, CA 10:40am L, 8-11
Sat, Mar 08 Fresno State University Santa Cruz, CA 3:20pm W, 13-5
Sun, Mar 09 UC Davis B Santa Cruz, CA 11:50am W, 9-3
Sun, Mar 09 UC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA 4:30pm W, 17-6
Foothill Community College Invitational
Sat, Mar 15 UC Davis B Foothill, CA 11:00am W, 16-5
Sat, Mar 15 Cal Poly SLO Foothill, CA 2:00pm W, 9-0
Sun, Mar 16 UC Davis A Foothill, CA 10:00am L, 9-10
Sun, Mar 16 LA United Masters Foothill, CA 4:00pm L, 6-5
Sierra Pacific Division Championships
Sat, Apr 05 St. Mary's College Davis, CA 11:40am W, 12-1
Sat, Apr 05 UC Davis B Davis, CA 5:50pm W, 12-6
Sun, Apr 06 UC Davis A Davis, CA 11:50am L, 6-9
CWPA National Club Championships
Fri, May 02 TBA Geneva, OH TBA -
Sat, May 03 TBA Geneva, OH TBA -
Sun, May 04 TBA Geneva, OH TBA -